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Freak Out to a Haunted Car Wash

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You know you can get a good scare at the haunted houses during the Halloween season, but what about a haunted car wash? That’s right! While getting your car cleaned why not also get a good scare out of it?

A local car wash located in Texas has been offering “Haunted Car Wash Nights” where vehicles are run through its Haunted Foggy Tunnel. Just pack the car up with friends and family, and everyone can enjoy a good scare! Employees dress up in costumes from horror thrillers like It, The Purge and others to offer you a frightfully fun time.

Photo via GFY Express Car Wash

GFY Express Car Wash is a full-service car wash located at 20615 Kuykendahl Road in Spring, Texas. The spooky car wash is complete with scary characters in costume that lurk in the night, strobe lights and smoke. It runs from 7pm – 9pm on select nights during the month of October. The last Haunted Car Wash Night is on October 30, so head out EARLY (lines get long fast) and get freaked out while getting your car washed!

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