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Texas A&M - Kingsville TX Real Haunt

  • 1278 W Santa Gertrudis St.
  • Kingsville, TX
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Every hall of the prestigious university is said to be inhabited by its own ghost. At Turner-Bishop Hall, the ghost of a young girl is said to play with the hair of students, drag furniture in empty rooms, run showers and unlock doors. Lewis Hall, another building on the campus, is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former female student who killed herself in the building. In addition to reports of her apparition, other have reported intense cold sports, and the uneasy feeling of being watched. Similarly, the bell tower in College Hall is said to be haunted by the host of a man who hanged himself in the tower. The Edward N. Jones Auditorium, built in 1942, is said to be haunted by the ghost of a worker who died during the building's construction when he fell from the rafters. This mischevious ghost is said to turn lights on an off, lock doors, and knock costumes off their hangers.
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  • Lucio Dorms

    My boyfriend was staying at the Dorms in Lucio during the summer, and I went during a holiday to spend the night and his other roommate had invited some friends over. These dorms have 4 bedrooms along the wall and two bathrooms on opposite sides of the dorm by the way. So my boyfriend and I were having a serious talk and had the door locked and we both coincidentally had to pee at the same time. So we both end up going to the 2 different bathrooms on opposite sides while the other roommate and his friends are all playing video games on the sofa. I come back to his room and the door is shut and also locked! I had left all my stuff in the room like my phone laptop and clothes and so did my boyfriend and we both were like “Did you shut the door?” We both clearly remember leaving it open and we ask the roommates friends if they closed it and they were all pretty occupied with the game and said they didn’t. It was also a holiday so the Janitor could not come to unlock the door until the next day. So my boyfriend trying to solve the problem goes out on the ledge of the other rooms window trying to get to his window and see if it’s open from the outside. We’re on the second floor by the way. He stops for second and wants to try the other room on the other side of his window. Me and his friend are waiting at my boyfriends door for them and all of a sudden we hear the blinds moving in the room and something falls off the table inside the locked room. So me and the friend ask them if they’ve gotten into the room? They yell he hasn’t even gotten on the ledge yet! Me and his friend both look at each other like WTF we literally just heard the blinds moving and something fell! They eventually gave up and we ended up having to sleep on the couch but me and his friend will always remember what we heard. The Janitor opened up the room the next day and nothing had fallen off the desk. Another short story, my friend informed me about her experience there and she says that her hangers are always swinging in her closet. Another has said a smiley face was drawn in the mirror after a shower and she has the door locked so her roommates could not have done it. Lucio is for sure haunted.

    Posted 5/25/20

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  • Martin hall hauntings

    I was living in Martin hall and I woke up one night because I got thirsty but the water from the fountains tasted weird so I had to go downstairs to the first floor to where the ice machine was to get ice to kinda take away the nasty flavor of the water, anyways on my way back, I heard a door close like as if someone had walked out of their dorm, at first I didn’t think much of it but then I started to feel weird as if someone was watching me and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I can hear someone walking behind me like I felt a presence behind me as soon as I got out of that hallway I looked back and there was no one there. I will never forget that, it still creeps me out to this day.

    Posted 11/30/19

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  • Ghost contact and rituals on the attic

    I was an exchange student at Texas a&m Kingsville and I was living in Lewis Hall. From September until December I had a lot of bad experiences there. The worst one was when I was taking a shower and I felt that someone was on the bathroom. I decide to start singing and finish my shower normally. When I opened the curtain after the shower, on the mirror in front of it there was a mark of a hand, like on Titanic. Who lived there knows how the bathrooms and rooms are arranged. There is one bathroom in the between of two rooms, and it has two different doors. I knocked on the door that goes to the other room and asked the other guy if he did that. He said he didn't move from his bed and that he was feeling really cold. We decided to leave the room and go talk to other people. Another day me and some friends had a barbecue at the patio on the middle of the building. We felt like we were being watched the whole time. We were a bit drunk after a while and going all the time to the bathroom on the first floor. At some point when I was peeing on the bathroom and I heard someone entering the bathroom, there were two doors and they were really loud. I started talking to the person asking who was but no one replied. When I left the stall there was no one on the room. At the same day the same thing happened to some of my friends and we decided to leave the building. Another situation was a day when there was a holiday and the university was empty. But we were still there. At some point in the afternoon a lot of weird people wearing black started entering the building and going to the attic. I started wondering how did they entered the building since we needed our card to enter it. There was a door kept opened with a empty bottle to keep it open. They broke the alarm so it wouldn't make noise because it was opened. On the other day we went to the attic and there was a circle of old Chair and a drawer used as a table on the middle. Right on top of my room. After that I decide to move. I was supposed to stay in the Kingsville for one year and half but I contacted my sponsors and begged to be moved before the beginning of the next semester. They moved me to another state.

    Posted 3/17/19

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