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Anson Lights - Anson TX Real Haunted Place

  • Intersection of 387 and 376
  • Anson, TX
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These lights can be found sometimes by turning right at Alsupps toward the graveyard just outside of town. You then have to make a right turn down a dirt road that travels along the cemetery. Then, once you're at the crossroads, turn the car around so it is facing the main road. Turn off the engine, and flash the headlights three times. It is rumored that after a few minutes, a white light slowly begins to travel down the road towards you. It has been said to sometimes sway, dance, or change size or color and only happens on clear nights in warm weather. Legend says that the lights are a ghost of an 1800s woman who lived nearby with her three boys. She sent them out to chop wood, telling them to flash the lantern three times if they had any trouble. When she saw the three flashes, she ran out, but was too late–the boys had been murdered. Now, the flashing of the headlights three times is believed to bring the spirit, hoping to find her boys.
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  • 2001 at least 3 of us saw an Orb come towards us

    In HS a group of us went down to the Anson lights. We got out of the car and started taunting the "Ghost" we got your kids and so forth. A light appears and moves towards us. It gets closer and closer, so close in fact we chicken out and hop in the car and take off. Two of us wanted to try again to see what it really was but before that we went up and down the road making mental notes of the lights and any cross roads. Not everyone was up for the second round so if I remember correctly it was just myself and the driver that got out of the car the second time. We again get out and taunt the "Ghost", nothing happens. We are about to leave but then it appears. It draws closer and closer. We stood our ground as long as we could but it was very close, about just on the other side of the road. We both jumped in the car. Now the driver had done this many times and when I asked them about it that night they said it had never happened like that before.

    Posted 1/18/24

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  • headlights from the highway

    I went to college out there and remembered someone mentioning something about "the Anson Lights." So I looked it up and got some directions on how to get there. It was either my sophomore or junior year. I waited for a night when the weather was clear and dark. I took some binoculars with me. Mount Hope Cemetery is on the east side of Anson and once you get there you turn south, then at the first crossroads you come to you turn around and face north. The crossroads are up on a small hill, which is significant since it's actually pretty flat out there. I turned off my car and lights like you're supposed to and sure enough you see lights on the horizon (not from the cemetery like the stories say). With binoculars you can clearly see they are highlights from cars on a highway that line up perfectly with the road you're on. There is a house on that stretch of road between the cemetery and the crossroads. I can only imagine how many cars they've seen come and go over the years. If I lived there I would have a blast playing tricks on visitors to spook them.

    Posted 10/2/23

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  • No "Ghost Lights". Just the headlamps and taillamps in the distance

    I attended the university in the late 1980s. The exciting thing to do for the freshmen was to see the "Anson Ghost Lights". After a couple of visits, I chanced on looking at the map of Anson and noticed the Highway 277 in perfect alignment with the County Road 387 about five miles north. I brought the strong binoculars and took time to analyse the "ghost lights". They were nothing but the vehicle headlamps: I could identify the make, model, and year based on the headlamp shapes and positions along with front turn signal indicators and side running lamps. The red ghost lights were the night illumination on the taillamps. The dense air close to the surface makes the vehicle headlamps look larger, spookier like the sun would look redder and bigger at the horizon. Sorry, nothing spooky about the "ghost" lights...

    Posted 8/17/21

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  • anson lights 2015 or 2016

    It very hard to remember what year it was when I experienced the Anson Lights. As I rode in the car with a few friends and her mom driving. She had parked right in the middle facing the direction we needed to be faced, once my friends mom turned off the vehicle and flashed the lights 3 times we waited. Soon enough we watched a blue light getting brighter and on the right side of the vehicle there was a loud thud like someone hit it on the outside. It made us all scream, but at the same time it was crazy to experience paranormal activity at 2am.

    Posted 12/28/20

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