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Martha Chapel Cemetery - Demon's Road - Huntsville TX Real Haunt

  • Martha Chapel Cemetery Rd.
  • Huntsville, TX
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The road that leads to this cemetery is called Bowden Rd., also known as Demon's Road. It was given this nickname because of all the hauntings that have been reported here. Locals warn visitors not to provoke the ghosts, as they have been known to follow people home. Someone reported a hand that came up out of a grave, grasping to pull someone down. There have been large handprints left on vehicles and red lights have been seen. Some stories say a KKK cult holds ritual ceremonies nearby. A child's apparition with glowing eyes has also been seen riding a tricycle and a faceless creature has also been reported.
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  • I tried coming here at night but there’s always a truck

    So me and my boyfriend and brother came here one time to visit the Martha chapel cemetery and we couldn’t go all the way inside because there was a truck outside there guarding the place has anyone ever experienced this? Then it was chasing….now it’s may 5th…this time me and my boyfriend and my two kids came and there was the truck and my boyfriend says whenever he was trying to reverse it was pulling his car back……I want to come here again because I been here many times before with my friends in 2020-2021….

    Posted 5/5/24

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  • Do not go after dark

    I went with my friends after dark one time and I swear something or someone followed me home. It’s been over a year and I can’t tell you how many odd unexplained tragedies I have experienced. Don’t go after dark. I visited the chapel as well as the cemetery and each time I got a sinking feeling in my stomach and got to the point where I was so cold and so scared I had to leave. While I was leaving it felt as if something was pulling my car backwards like I was towing something huge but I drive a small sedan. Something followed me home and has been making my life a living hell. I don’t know what it is or what it wants but I can hear it…. The cold breeze in my house when there’s no AC or fans on… the feeling of something hovering over me. The feeling of uncontrollable emotion. Waking up with scratches…. I thought this was all fun and games visiting a huanted place. But I will forever tread lightly It wasn’t some kind of huge thing. It’s took months of it slowly taking over… it started with a few things in my home moved around. To now completely destroying me emotionally and always being in a low depression

    Posted 3/26/24

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  • My experience

    It’s no lie something does follow you home and it does mess with you. It took my key right before my husband had to go for an interview could not find it. He had my clothes ready for me before I got off of work to take a shower so I didn’t have to worry about getting in the closet. Then my cat was gone. She never disappears. She was gone for 23 hours and a spot that she’s never in and then when I wake up this morning, my keys gone completely gone and then soon as his interview was going to start the key was in the closet. Normally where I put it now tell me how the hell did that he get there after I went to sleep that’s by my bed , I have all kinds of photos and videos captured. They even deleted some off my phone that I didn’t even know could happen until someone told me that experienced it out at Martha Chapel cemetery. I’m telling y’all now if y’all go be protected say your prayers say goodbye always say goodbye I just wouldn’t go if I was y’all I went for five times because I felt like it was just calling me like I could not get enough I live and breathe it. It’s sickening really, so I had a back off of it because it’s too much. It got a hold of me but it is a beautiful place to go. If you want to thrill go you will get your thrill that’s for sure.

    Posted 3/15/24

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  • Just a very peaceful place with slot of hype

    I've been to Martha chapel cemetery many times both day and night dating back to 2006 when I drove the DHL route in the Huntsville area and FM 1374 area. Been alone and with 1-2 other as well. Nothing has ever occured. Speaking to old timers that lived along Bowden rd , they all mentioned that the stories are all just made up to keep the kids away at night. Back fired I think. Martha chapel cemetery has graves of the very first white settlers in this part of texas. From 1820s onward. Just a very peaceful place.

    Posted 6/26/22

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  • Very Cool Old Cemetery

    I went there and was SO SCARED because of what I had read. I did crazy preparations to protect us (iron nails, protection charms, etc). We were there for a long time, taking pictures with an infrared camera, and didn't see or feel anything scary. It seemed oddly peaceful, really. The drive there can be a little creepy because it's a crappy road in a remote area, but we didn't experience anything out of the ordinary. Maybe because we took TONS of things for offerings to appease the spirits and were both carrying an iron nail...? Be sure to tip the spirits as you leave and walk out backwards, if you're into that kind of thing.

    Posted 12/29/21

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  • No so scary

    Been several times nothing never happened one neighbor to cemetery said he has lived there for over 15 years and he has never seen or had anything happen!!

    Posted 5/3/21

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  • Good time and great history

    5 of us took the drive up to Martha's Chapel on 10/30/2020. Did all the research and this place has some solid history. Very creepy, dark, in the middle of nowhere. Overall, seemed like it would be terrifying. We check out every headstone in the back section before continuing to the front. I myself felt it get much cooler around the gate that led to the front but quickly went away. For whatever reason, I just felt like sitting in the corner by the woods for a few minutes. Felt it get a little cooler 2 times but that also was quick. Nobody else experienced anything. We were there 2.5 hours. What was amazing is seeing people born 9 after the american revolution. Tons of history here and regardless of if you experience anything, it's a great time. We will be back there again.

    Posted 10/31/20

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  • You absolutely will experience something before you leave here

    I have a buddy that goes to SHSU who invited me to visit the cemetery along with another mutual friend. He had been several times already with other people and said he had experiences every time. We begin driving up the road at about 10:30-11pm and go slow as to catch anything paranormal on the way there. I had my window (passenger) rolled down halfway to help see and hear better and below the opening I felt a cold spot. I immediately felt a presence sitting in the back seat behind me, which was unoccupied. The cold spot went away as a small handprint (or footprint, seemed to be longer than a hand) formed on the INSIDE of the car. When we began exploring the cemetery, there were very obvious temperature drops in several instances. Several times, all three of us would simultaneously react to something unexplainable, such as a brush against our leg or even our feet getting stepped on. As we were thinking about leaving, one of my friends tried to provoke the spirits by snapping a stick into two pieces and throwing them in the direction of a spot that we had heard lots of noise from, then proceeding to ask for them back. When nothing happened, we started walking out of the gated area and he whipped around to me and told me to stop tugging at his arm, but I was about 6 feet behind him. By the gate, there was a leaf on a tree that spun furiously as if being blown by a breeze, when the air was completely dead. I started recording video of the leaf and it would start and stop spinning intermittently, which made no sense since the similar leaves around it had zero motion. As one of my friends was checking around the leaf for a breeze, we all turned in the same direction of a small noise. Pausing for a moment, we began to ask each other what the heck that was but were stopped short by an extremely loud snapping of a branch within 2 feet of where we were standing. There was no one around us at the time and there was no indication of an animal or anything else that could have made that noise, especially since an animal big enough to snap a branch that loud would have been very noticeable. Curious, we checked the spot where my friend had thrown the two parts of the stick and one part was completely gone. No one had been in the area and he had thrown both parts nearly on top of each other and with not much force, so there was not much place for it to go. As we were leaving (again), my two friends both said they saw a tall dark figure in the distance that I couldn’t see, but they both described it the exact same. On the way back down the road, once again windows down, we heard a very prominent clopping sound as if a horse was following the car very closely, and on the gravel road which was not that wide. We stopped the car completely and the noise stopped a few seconds after we stopped, ruling out the car as the source. We started moving again and the noise followed us for another 10 seconds before fading out. The consistent paranormal encounters that my friend experiences here as well as my own personal experience leads me to believe that this may be one of the most actively haunted locations in Texas. If you choose to visit, come curious but respectful. Do not insult or provoke sprits, be careful not to step on or knock over headstones or walk over where they may lie, do not come with a large group of friends to talk and laugh loudly (if not for the sprits for the other people there, trust me it’s annoying), and it would be my recommendation to not challenge the spirits to manipulate objects around you as it will lead to more aggressive experiences that might prove dangerous. However, as of October 2020, this area is 100% public property and free to anyone who is brave/curious enough.

    Posted 10/4/20

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